Apple’s annual Keynote presentation took place last night at their newly named Steve Jobs Theatre in Apple Park, California. As usual, they unveiled a host of upgrades to their existing products including new cellular capabilities for their Apple watch, 4K capabilities for Apple TV and slightly increased camera capabilities on the iPhone 8 & 8Plus. The only (arguably) new product they announced was a new iPhone to signify a decade of innovation, the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10.) We thought some of what was shown was very exciting and thought an article like this would help you, as a business, make sense of it all and decide whether it’s at all necessary for you to part with up to £1000 of your hard-earned cash!

Apple Watch

Popularity of the Apple watch has grown by 50% over the course of the last year to the point where it’s now ranked as the world’s number 1 watch, overtaking last years’ leader – Rolex. The new Series 3 watch comes with; a complete ‘Swimproof’ casing to work in fresh and salty water, has an enhanced 18-hour battery life, wireless charging capabilities and remains Bluetooth and WiFi enabled. The major leap forward with Series 3 though is its incorporation of Cellular technology. Users can now make and receive calls directly from their watch when away from their iPhone as well as being able to stream music straight from their wrist through their favourite streaming service. With limited space in such a small device, Apple have cleverly engineered an antenna from the display screen itself, whilst making an electronic SIM card within the watch smaller than a current Nano-sim. The benefit to the user is that both iPhone and watch will work on a single mobile number, meaning no double bills and no juggling of phone numbers. The watch is dual-core, allowing it to run up to 70% faster than its predecessor and with 97% customer satisfaction rates, we believe this is a hugely exciting product that will open up a world of new possibilities through the cellular introduction.

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Pricing & Availability:

Cellular – From £399 (Available from 22nd September 2017, exclusively on EE)

Non Cellular – From £329 (Available from 22nd September 2017)