After immense speculation around the launch of Apple’s latest iPhone, coupled with a fair amount of ‘leaked’ information in the days leading up to this historic release, the iPhone 8 had the expectation of the world on its shoulders. What nobody expected though, was for the 8 to be the first of TWO new iPhone models to be released. It’s fair to say, the iPhone X may have overshadowed the impact of the 8. £215 more than an equivalent iPhone 7 will get you the lowest storage version of the 8 which seems very expensive, but is it worth it…? Well, you certainly get a few more features for your money….


  • Apple OS 11
  • Glass front AND rear casing
  • Wireless charging capability
  • A11 Bionic chip (six-core)
  • Portrait lighting (8Plus)
  • 4K Video Recording up to 240fps (8Plus)
  • Augmented Reality features

The Apple OS 11 software features a slightly more fluid aesthetic but offers no massively tangible differences from OS 10. We think the new glass casing finish which enables the wireless charging function looks very smart and although the wireless charging device isn’t yet provided by Apple, the ability to wirelessly charge and their ideas for wireless charging in the future are very exciting. Apple claim the new A11 bionic chip powering the device is twice as fast as the A10 chip in the 7 which is admittedly, impressive but again, many would argue the speed of the 7 was ample enough and many users may not notice a difference!

The Portrait lighting feature on the 8Plus is very clever indeed and they have improved the portrait setting on the camera which is gratefully recieved. It allows users to recreate the perfect lighting through a range of different light filters in the lens – something professional photographers spend huge amounts of money and time setting up. If Apple’s cameras keep progressing as they have over the last two generations, SLR cameras and professional studios are going to have run out of customers this side of 2020. The Augmented Reality features have opened up a world of possibilities in the video recording and gaming world to the point where game developers have started to create games especially for this device! Apple (quite rightly) believe they have laid the foundations for some pretty spectacular AR experiences in the not too distant future.

Overall, the design of the iPhone 8 & 8Plus is beautiful. As ever. The A11 chip is undeniably fast and impressive but its palpable benefits are questionable. There’s no denying that the 8 and 8 plus are a step up from the 7, but at £699 for the entry level version of the 8 (£215 more than its equivalent 7), one would be forgiven for thinking twice, if not thrice about buying one!

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Pricing and Availability:

iPhone 8 – £699 (64GB)  £849 (256GB)

iPhone 8 Plus – £799 (64GB)  £949 (256GB)

Available – 22nd September 2017