We’re constantly asked the question by our customers, “How much mobile data is enough?”. The amount of mobile data you have is arguably the most pivotal factor in determining the cost of your monthly phone contract. Too much and you’ll be paying through the roof for usage allowances you don’t really need. Too little and you’ll exceed your allowance and begin paying extortionate ‘out of bundle rates’ for even the smallest amounts of additional data. So how do you find the happy medium….?

No two users are the same, and whilst the amount you use will vary slightly each month as different applications, activities and websites will use data in different ways, the sorts of things you’re using your mobile for are likely to be similar month on month.

The most important question to ask yourself is – ‘what sort of things do I use internet on my phone for?’ Sending or receiving an email for example, will use about 0.1MB, whereas if you were to stream an hour of HD video content, this could use up to 2GB! Using general apps on your device for an hour can use up to 20MB and most people who stream music through services such as iTunes or Spotify will churn through 40-50MB.

Only you know the answer to how you use your phone but in our experience, business users will use their mobile internet for the following things; Emails, Sat Nav, General web browsing, Internet Video calling and Music Streaming.

If you’re like many of our customers and do most/all of the above in real moderation, 1 GB should be enough. If you’re a consistent user and like to stream music and video content, a minimum of 3GB might be a wiser choice.


Does my device make a difference?

Yes. Generally, the higher-end handsets will use data at a faster rate those at the lower end of the market. This is for two main reasons. They are generally bigger in size – physically larger screens require more data to fill them which will use your allowance quicker. Higher spec handsets also have more powerful processors – on the one hand, this is great because your device will work faster, do more and with better quality. On the other hand, the more quality output the phone is throwing out, the more fuel (data) it needs to take in – much like a racing car, the faster it drives, the more fuel it will use!

Not everyone in my business uses the same amount of data, will I be paying for some people to have data they won’t use…?

Data allowances can be tailored to the individual user. We have data tariffs available with as little as 500MB allowance ranging to 30GB for the heavier individual. For accounts with more than 5 mobile connections, it’s more common to have a ‘Shared Data Allowance’. This is where a business has a pool of data that everyone can use. This often works for large accounts as it caters to those companies with some heavy users and some very light ones, whilst retaining a steady average across the whole account – Shared data plans are available through Cedaro and Plan.com, starting at 10GB and range to 500GB.

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