It’s the tech buzzword of the moment, IoT, or Internet of Things is the ever-expanding network of internet connected devices. With gadgets ranging from cars to light bulbs, it is easy to see why people are excited and companies are expanding their product portfolios to include IoT devices..

The basic premise is that any device you own could be connected to the internet and therefore potentially connected to other IoT devices. The use cases imaginable are almost endless, every device you can think of could be connected to the internet, your watch, doorbell, kettle, TV, smoke alarm, car, the list goes on and on, and that is only consumer devices.

George Osbourne announced in the 2015 budget; after pledging to invest £40 million into the research of IoT, “this is the next stage of the information revolution, connecting up everything from urban transport to medical devices to household appliances.”

  • Buses could report their live location so you’d always know when there is no bus coming or when 2 are about to appear at once.
  • Your kettle could be turned on in the morning when it detects your alarm going off.
  • Pacemakers could report your live health status to your doctor.
  • IoT sensors on windows and doors could alert home or business owners if they are left open or opened without permission.

The IoT revolution has already begun with various smart bulbs, home thermostats and TVs readily available and being snapped up by consumers left, right and centre.

Personally I’m really excited about this, I can’t wait to have a “smart” house where everything is inter-connected, but I am concerned about security – hackers will have a much larger target area once all of our devices are connected to the internet…

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