MWC stands for Mobile World Congress, and it’s the annual highlight for anyone who follows mobile technology, until 2006, MWC was held in Cannes and called 3GSM World. Attendees come from over 200 countries and total attendance is often around 100,000 people.

The show contains stands from a variety of companies, but some never attend; Apple for example have their own conference called WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) which usually takes place in June.

MWC is in full swing currently, and a slew of announcements have already been made; Samsung have announced the Galaxy S9 and Nokia have unveiled their new handsets.

The S9 is an more of an iterative update rather than the massive re-design that the S8 was over the S7; it still sports that glorious front-filling display, and looks very similar to its predecessor. The main hardware change this year is the dual-aperture camera. The camera aperture is the “hole” through which light passes to the sensor, and the bigger the better. Apertures are measured in f stops and the smaller the number the larger the aperture, Samsung’s S9 has the largest of any smartphone yet with an f/1.5 aperture, but crucially it also has an f/2.4 aperture too, the marriage of these, Samsung claims, will produce incredible images.

So what have Nokia been up to? They’ve decided that Android One is the way forward for their future devices. The Nokia 1, 6 (2018), 7+ and 8 Sirocco all run Android One – Google’s new (actually around since 2014, but brought to life recently with the Xiaomi Mi A1) initiative to encourage manufacturers to use a “stock” version of Android with no manufacturer tweaks and a simplified UI. They also promise quicker OS updates and regular Security Patches.

Come back soon for more from MWC!