So a few days ago we got our hands on the Nokia 7 Plus, here’s what we found…

The most interesting thing about the 7 Plus is the operating system; it runs Android One!! For the uninitiated, Android One is a “stock” version of Android, there is nothing added by manufacturers; no adverts from HTC, no Galaxy Apps Store from Samsung, no bloatware apps that you can’t uninstall and will never use.

Another benefit of Android One is the software updates direct from Google, as opposed to Google sending the updated OS to the manufacturers and then the customer having to wait 6-8 months for them to add all their stuff to it before sending it out. The Android One program promises two years of OS upgrades, and if you are particularly tech-savvy, this handset is one of the first non-Google devices that is compatible with the Android Beta Program, meaning you can install developer previews of Android on it!


  • 6” Full HD (1080 x 2160) display, screen-to-body ratio of 77.2%
  • Dual Camera – 12MP + 13MP with 2x optical zoom
  • 64GB internal storage with a SD Card slot up to 256GB
  • 3800mAh battery 87h endurance rating according to GSMArena (higher than the Galaxy S9, iPhone 8 Plus and the Huawei P20)
  • Type C charger with fast charging
  • Rear mounted finger print sensor


  • No wireless charging as it has a metal back
  • Camera takes a bit of practice to get a good picture, due to the dual cameras

We will definitely be seeing Android One pop up with other manufacturers as well, this is only the beginning.