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Mobile Broadband from Cedaro
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Emails, business apps, web portals, maps… it is now easier than ever to have access to all of this and much more when you’re out of the office, and not just on your mobile phone.

With the power of 4G we can offer you just this, allowing you full access to your office even when you are actually “out of the office”. This saves significant amounts of time and boosts productivity and efficiency levels, allowing you to keep working and stay business-ready wherever you may be. To achieve this has never been easier as we work with you to find the right Tariff for your needs; anything from 1GB to our brand-new, eye-watering 35GB tariff!

Our mobile broadband packages enable you to stay connected and having access to the country’s leading manufacturers, we will find the right devices for you and your needs. From the latest iPads to Android and Windows Tablets.

Want to use your laptop? Do you and your colleagues need to connect multiple devices to the internet on the go? Well we have you covered there as well. Our MiFi devices are the perfect solution, creating a locked, mobile Wi-Fi hot-spot for up to 15 devices; it couldn’t be easier to stay connected on the move.

With great 4G coverage across the UK and having the ability to use your domestic data allowance in’s Europe Zone, we can keep you more connected than ever before.

We always seek to understand you and your business and recognise that every business has different needs and requirements. By understanding yours, we can recommend the best solution, especially tailored to suit you.

Why Choose Cedaro?

We know that it’s important for your voice to be heard in the world of business. And getting you heard is exactly why we’re here for you. We have solutions suitable for single business users, up to 100+ devices in large companies.

We have complete, in-house control of your account, meaning, if at any point, you need to:

We can act in real time from anywhere in the world, regardless of where the device may be, ensuring our clients are not regularly overspending.

Account Review
Obligation-free appraisal of your existing communications.

Cedaro offer a full, obligation-free appraisal of your existing communications arrangements. Our account managers are always happy to review your needs, offer advice and even present a free quote if we feel you could be better served through us.

We will always endeavour to do business with like-minded companies where we feel we can add value, our promise however, is that we will never insist on your business without knowing we can offer something more suitable.

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